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The art of Ultraviolet

Uber funky art junky

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Anybody , Moderated

Warning: This journal may contain images and text of an adult nature. All adult material will be kept in a members only post, clearly marked and underneath an lj cut (text link). If you are under the age of 18 or do not want to view adult material, please do not join as a member. Thank you.

However, if you would like to view the adult art work and are 18 years or older, you can view the adult art by CLICKING HERE, and becoming a member. Before becoming a member, PLEASE make sure you have your full date of birth listed in your user info. If you do not have that info listed please comment on the most recent community post or email me. If you do not do either of these, your membership will be declined.

Welcome friends, to the community home of the artist Ultraviolet, also known as Cassandra Gunn, purveyor of fun fantasy art and anthropomorphic design.

This community has been created to bring my fans, my Yahoo group and my other mailing lists together into one unified and more organized group. Members are more than welcome to talk with Ultraviolet, ask questions or get to know her. You can post your favourite art by her or even ask her for help or critique on your own art. (Expect sincere but polite honesty.)

She will post when she has made updates to her website, has new artwork to show, has put art up for sale or auction, is open for commissions and any other news relevant to her art and projects.

The group is loosely moderated to prevent spamming of any type.

Feel free to suggest themes or ideas if there is anything you would like to see her illustrate. :)

Thank you for your interest, now kick back and enjoy yourself :)

Sound Snail by *ultravioletbat on deviantART

=*Online Galleries*=

General Audience to PG-13

-Elfwood Fantasy/Scifi- (no longer updated)
-Elfwood Fanart- (no longer updated)

With Mature and Adult Content

-Y! Galley-(not updated in a while)

Note: I have other galleries but will link to them at a later date when i have been able to upload there.

Feel free to use this banner on your webpage or blog ^_^